Total US Dollars US$2695.10
Total Australian Dollars A$2053.90
$1 US ~= $1.280194A (Australian Dollars)
A$2053.90 * (1 US/ 1.280194) ~= $1604.37 US
Total spent in US dollars:
$2695.10 + $1604.37 = $4299.47

December 15, 2006
$15.50 Australia Visa ( 11/15/06)
$20.00 US Portland (food – not sure exact amount)
$2,381.60 US Air Fare
$142.00 US Bike on Alaska Airlines plane
Total: $2,559.10 US

December 16, 2006
NONE – spent night on airplane

December 17, 2006
$35.00A Coachtrans Bus from Brisbane airport to Tweed Head mall.
$9.80A Two 1.5 Liters bottles of water
$9.50A South of Bogangar - Map of road from Brisbane to Sydney
$6.95A South of Bogangar – 600ml coke and Ice cream bar
$30.00A Byron Bay – Camping
$10.00A Byron Bay – Fish, chips and 375ml coke.
Total $101.25A

December 18, 2006
$32.00A Ballina – Allen Wrenches
$5.95A Ballina – McDonalds lunch (Chicken Sandwich, fries (no ketchup available), small coke)
$9.50A Broadwater – 600ml coke, 2 liter water and ice cream bar
$9.50A 2 600ml Cokes, 1.5 liter water and ice cream bar
$12.00A Maclean – Camping
$14.50A Maclean – Sausage roll, coke, Doritos, Sandwich meat
Total $83.45A

December 19, 2006
$4.75A Grafton – McDonald breakfast – bacon and egg muffin, hash brown and white coffee
$11.50A Grafton – 2 1.5 Liter waters, 600ml coke and ice cream bar
$15.30A Glenreagh - 2 1.5 Liter waters, smarties, small bag of chips and ice cream bar
$18.00A Coffs Harbour – Koala Villas and Caravan Park
Total $49.55A

December 20, 2006
$4.40A Urunga – 600ml coke and malted milk ball
$18.30A Nambucca Heads IGA Groceries – cookies, 1.25L coke, medium bag of Doritos, 4L water, 2 packages of sandwiches, Candy bar and loaf of bread.
$7.30A Frederickson – Fredos pies – Crocodile pie and 600ml power aid)
$25.00A Port Macquarie – Melaleuca Caravan Park - camping
$6.45A Port Macquarie – McDonalds – 6-piece chicken nuggets meal – no ketchup available
Total $61.45A

December 21, 2006
$4.95A Port Macquarie – McDonalds – Breakfast sandwich
$14.70A Lake Cathie – 4 liter water, 1.25 L coke, Cheese rings (Chips), Cashews, Breakfast bars and candy bar.
$8.05A Moorland – 1.5 L water, 600ml coke, Black and white smarties
Total $27.70A

December 22, 2006
$9.50A Coolongolook – 600ml Sunkist orange (no diet soda at store), Beef pie and 1.5 L water.
$15.10A Gas Station – 2 1.5L waters, ice cream bar, loaf of bread and 600ml diet coke
$7.85A Raymond Terrace – Heatherbroes – meat Pie, large fries and medium coke (no ketchup available)
$26.00A Newcastle Beach – YHA coed bunk room
$1.00A Newcastle – 15 minutes of internet
$20.00A Newcastle – Phone card at YHA
$.50A Newcastle – Connection fee to use phone (plus the phone card fee)
$11.00A Newcastle – Beer batter flathead fish and fried.
Total $90.95A

December 23, 2006
$17.50A New Castle – Train to Sydney
$1.00A Sydney – connection fee for 2 (Home and cell) phone calls to Craig
$9.00A Sydney – Train to Wollongong
$19.40A 2 medium bags of Doritos, 2 1.5 L waters, 1.25 L coke and ice cream bar
$13.20A Map, Sausage roll, ice cream bar and 500ml apple juice
$20.00A Camping – Shellharbour Beachside Tourist Park
Total $80.10A

December 24, 2006
$26.60A Nowra – Woolworth – 2 boxes of breakfast bars, loaf of bread, package of 14 small smarties boxes, 4L water, 1.25L coke and 2 packages of sandwich meat.
$8.25A Nowra – KFC chicken wing, chicken sandwich, fries and Pepsi (no diet soda available)
$16.00A Milton – Camping at Caravan park
Total $50.85A

December 25, 2006
$8.50A 2 600ml cokes and an ice cream bar
Total $8.50A

December 26, 2006
$25.70A Narooma Woolworth – 4L water, 1.25L coke, Pringles, Bega Cheese, Ham, M&Ms, bread and cashews.
$9.50A Cobargo – Beef sandwich, 600ml coke and kit-kat candy bar
$15.60A Bega – Doritos, malted milk balls, Turkey meat, Wheat Breakfast bars (Tony told me this type of wheat bar was supposed to be eaten in milk – they were very dry the way I ate them – dry), smarties and 1.5L coke
$12.50A Bega – Bega Caravan Park - Shared camping fee (total was $25, shared cost with Terry)
$.50A Bega – Phone call connection fee
Total $63.80A

December 27, 2006
$27.00A Eden – 2 packs of sandwich meat, 1.25L coke, Coon sliced cheese, 2 boxes of breakfast bars, bag of 14 small boxes of smarties
$6.00A Genoa – 2 beers at the bar
$4.00A Genoa – 800ml beer to take to camp
Total $37.00A

December 28, 2006
$11.50A Cann River – 2 1.5L waters, 1.25L coke and ice cream bar
$14.00A Orbost – Camping
$10.50A Orbost Wendy’s – Lasagna, salad and 375ml Sunkist Orange (no diet soda available)
Total $36.00A

December 29, 2006
$10.40A past Orbost – 1.5L coke, ice cream bar and medium bag of Doritos
$7.90A Nowa Nowa - 1.5L coke, 1.5L water and ice cream bar
$6.25A Bairndale McDonalds – Chicken sandwich, medium fries (no ketchup available) and medium coke
$19.00A Bairndale – Mitchell Garden Holiday Park - camping
$4.20A Bairndale – 3 Fanta orange sodas ($1.40 each)
Total $47.75A

December 30, 2006
$4.55A Bairndale McDonalds – egg McMuffin, hash brown and coffee
$16.25A Strarford - bag of 14 small boxes of smarties, 1.5L water, Medium bag of Doritos, 12 slices of Bega cheese, 1.25L coke and sandwich meat.
$13.50A Rosedale – Breakfast bars, 1.5L water, Pringles, 600ml Diet coke and ice cream bar
$23.00A Traralgon – Camping - Park Lane Tourist Park
$7.00A Traralgon - Small bag of Doritos, ice cream bar and 2 375 ml sodas
$13.85A Traralgon – Chicken sandwich, 100g bag of Doritos, ice cream bar, 600ml solo lemon lime tang soda
Total $78.15A

December 31, 2006
$4.45A Traralgon McDonalds - egg McMuffin, hash brown and coffee
$25.80A Traralgon – Train to South Geelong
$10.45A Melbourne train station – 15 post cards and 600ml coke
$0.50A Geelong – connection fee for phone
$20.95A Geelong K-mart – Tennis shoes and shorts
$205.00A Queenscliff – Athelstane House - New Years Dinner (Dinner cost $250.00, Andrea pitch in $45.00)
Total $267.15A

January 1, 2007
$40.00A Queenscliff – Breakfast for me and Andrea – cheese omelet, 2 poached eggs, bread, coffee and fruit juice.
$1.20A Queenscliff – Coke for Andrea
$8.00A Queenscliff – Fort entrance fee
Total $49.20A

January 2, 2007
$4.45A McDonalds – Egg McMuffin, hash browns and coffee
$11.00A Queenscliff – ferry to Sorrneto
$1.10A Queenscliff – Ice cream bar
$6.50A Ferry to Sorrento – Chocolate cake, doughnut and 600ml code (no diet available)
$14.00A Crib point – hot dog, 600ml diet coke, bag of Doritos, Ice cream bar, Load of bread
$24.00A Crib Point – 20 stamps (1.20/each)
$14.00A Stony Point – ferry to Cowes, Phillip Island
$15.50A Cowes – 375ml Ginger beer (ale), beef pie, ice cream bar and 4 AA batteries.
$45.00A Cowes – camping - Kaloha Holiday Resort
$17.40A Phillips Island – entry fee to Penguin Parade
$68.90A Phillips Island Penguin Parade – t-shirt and boomeranger
$16.00A Phillips Island Penguin Parade – Fake photo with Penguins
$25.00A Phillips Island Penguin Parade – Taxi back to Cowes camp site.
Total $262.85A

January 3, 2007
$13.65A Cowes IGA grocery – 230g Doritos, 1.5L water, 600ml Diet coke, 12 slice Coon Cheese and 2 pack of pudding.
$14.00A Cowes – Ferry back to Stony Point ($10.00 for me; $4.00 for bike)
$7.20A Sony Point – 3 zone train ticket to Melbourne
$19.15A Melbourne - IGA grocery across from train station – ice cream bar, 10 postcards, 600ml diet coke, smarties and Kit-Kat candy bar
$7.50A Melbourne – train to Geelong
$9.00A Geelong – meat rolled in Beacon
Total $70.50A

January 4, 2007
$20.00A Lorne – Groceries (Approximate price)
$140.00A Lorne – Hotel – Comfort Inn
$20.00A – Lorne – Fish and Chips (Approximate price)
Total $180.00A (Approximate)

January 5, 2007
$40.00A Otway Fly – entrance fee for 2 (Approximate price)
$70.95A Otway Fly – Shirt and souvenirs
$145.00A Port Fairy – Central Hotel
Total $255.95A (Approximate)

January 6, 2007
$20.40A Port Fairy – 17 postcard stamps
$40.00A Tower Hills Game Reserve – Souvenir rattle and painted bang sticks (Approximate)
$54.00A Gas – Norfolk Service Station - Warrnambool
Total $114.40A (Approximate)

January 7, 2007
$36.35A Melbourne airport – Emu Caller (souvenirs)
$2.00A Kit Kats
$2.00US Portland, Oregon - Max pass.
Total $37.35A and $2.00 US

March 9, 2007
$134.00 US - Anglesea, Victoria - Photo speeding ticket - going 66 KPH in 60 KPH zone
Total $134.00 US

Total: $2,559.10 US
Total $101.25A
Total $83.45A
Total $49.55A
Total $61.45A
Total $27.70A
Total $90.95A
Total $80.10A
Total $50.85A
Total $8.50A
Total $63.80A
Total $37.00A
Total $36.00A
Total $47.75A
Total $78.15A
Total $267.15A
Total $49.20A
Total $262.85A
Total $70.50A
Total $180.00A
Total $255.95A
Total $114.40A
Total $37.35A and $2.00 US
Total $134.00 US

US$ Total = 2,559.10 + 2.00 + 134.00 = US$2,695.10
Australia$ Total = 101.25 + 83.45 + 49.55 + 61.45 + 27.70 + 90.95 + 80.10 + 50.85 + 8.50 + 63.80 + 37.00 + 36.00 + 47.75 + 78.15 + 267.15 + 49.20 + 262.85 + 70.50 + 180.00 + 255.95 + 114.40 + 37.35 = A$2053.90