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San Diego

San diego Mexican boarder at Tijuana Mexico boarder Dangerous corner near Enstenada Road side dump near Ensenada
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One of several Roadside gravestone
Interesting plant in San Agustin Interesting plant south of Esenada Typical house with wrecked vehicles in front
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One of the only streams near Mex-1
Ted in Baja California, Mexico desert Ted's camp site in the desert Ted near cactus
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Vulture in cactus
Vacant gas station at LA Bay junction Fuel for sale at LA Bay junction Ted's bike at LA Bay junction
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Ted's bike
Doctor/ biker at Guerrero Negro Whale watch boat at Guerrero Negro Sea lions at Guerrero Negro
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Dolphin at Guerrero Negro
Whale at Guerrero Negro Salt boat at Guerrero Negro My camp south of Guerrero Negro
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Abandoned old Chevy van.
Military Hummer and police car at gas station Burned out van near highway Ted's camp not far from bunt out van
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Ocean front home near Mulege
Ted's campsite in Bahia Concepcion Next campground in Bahia Concepcion Freightliner Argosy truck in front of restaurant
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People that gave Ted water
Restaurant on Sea of Cortez Ligui market - last stop before big hill Near the end of the biggest hill climb of trip
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Man that gave Ted water
Flower on stickery bush in desert Mexican store Mexican home
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One of Ted's campsites
Sunset near campsite Abandoned car about 3 miles north of El Triunfo Church in El Triunfo
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Historic ruins in El Triunfo
View from our condo in Buena Vista Ted on Jeff's Quad The roast pig from the New Years party
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Dolphins seen from Jeff's boat
Hot springs near Santiago , Mexico Church in La Paz Ted's bike near cactus
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Entering Cabo San Lucas
Pelicans from boat to Cabo Arch Cabo San Lucas arch Sea lions near Cabo San Lucas arch
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Boat we took to Lovers beach
Lover's beach near Cabo San Lucas arch Pelicans on peer at Cabo San Lucas Iguanas at Cabo San Lucas
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Cabo San Lucas
Building near Todos Santos Stacks near El Triunfo Building in El Triunfo