Photos from Ted's Australia bike ride.

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Royal-Spoonbill bird
This Royal-Spoonbill bird was in the water south of Tweed Heads.

Big dead snake
This was the only large snake I saw in Australia. It's dead and it might be a Python

Ted in front of the Sydney opera house
Ted in front of the Sydney opera house

Australian Fern Tree
Ted's bike with an Australian Fern Tree next to the Pacific Highway.

Ted entering State of Victoria
Terry took this photo of Ted entering the State of Victoria.

Stony Creek Trestle Bridge - Gippsland
Ted at the bottom of Stony Creek Trestle Bridge. This bridge is part of the East Gippsland rail to trail. The bridge is closed and you can only view the bridge from the bottom or behind a fence at the top on the west end. The east end of the bridge is missing.

Queenscliff to Sorrento ferry
My bike waiting for boat at Queenscliff. I took this ferry to Sorrento

Teddy's Lookout near Lorne
Here's Ted near the sign pointing to Teddy's Lookout near Lorne

Koala Bear near Kennet River
This was the first Koala Bear we saw in the wild. It was near Kennet River. This is the one that moved the most and I was able to get a great short movie of it climbing the tree.

The 47 Meter Tower at Otway Fly Tree Top Walk
Tower behind Ted at Otway Fly Tree Top Walk. The tower is 47 meter over the forest floor.

Andrea and Ted with 12 Apostles
Andrea and Ted with 12 Apostles

Kangaroo with young in pouch at Tower Hill State Game Reserve
Kangaroo with baby in pouch at Tower Hills State Game Reserve. It had just rained and the kangaroos were drinking water off the roads.