Miles Biked: Total bike miles about 1125.6 miles (includes walking bike)
Miles Walked: Total walking miles about 102 miles (not including waling the bike)
Days of biking: 23 days
Location: Bangkok, Thailand to Singapore
Flight information

Total Expenses: ~= $3128.71

Day 0, October 5, to November 9, 2012
Chinatown Hotel Bangkok
526 Yaowaraj Road, Samphuntawong Bangkok, Bangkok, 10100 TH
Phone: 66-2-2250204 Fax: 66-2-2261295
Check-in: Sun, Nov 11, 2012/ Check-out: Tue, Nov 13, 2012/ Check-in/out: 1000 1200
Reservation Rooms: 1 Guests: 1 Nights: 2/ Standard Room - 2 twin (single) beds or 1 double bed
1 guest $36.05/night/ 2 nights = $72.10
Taxes and fees $12.00
Total due at booking $84.10

Day 1, Saturday, November 10, 2012 to Sunday, Novemer 11, 2012
Location:Flights from Portland, OR ( seat 6A)/ to Vancouver, BC / to Hong Kong (seat 59 H)/ to Bangkok (seat 33A) /Bangkok, Thailand/ public transit to China hotel in Bangkok
Points of interest:
1.Over 21 hours of travle time plan + layovers.
2. Money exchange Vancouver BC airport - $401 US = 10300 Thailand/ $300 US = $800 Malaysia
3. Took train to Bangkok from the airport.
4. Subway from Train station to near China Town.
5. Tuk Tuk to motel in China Town of Bangkok
Expenses: $80.US + 219 B – Luggage, food and transportation
Accommodations: Slept on plane and at Chinatown Hotel in Bangkok

Day 3, Monday, November 12, 2012
Daily Bike Miles: 0 miles
Location: Bangkok Thailand
Points of interest:
1. The first downpour of my trip.
2. Taxi ride and bummer long boat trip.
3. In river a floating store tried to sell me a beer. My no and he asked me to buy one for my boat operator.
4. Grand palace
5. Wat Phio - site with a reclining Buddha
6. Wat Arun – Temple with steep stairs and great view of downtown Bangkok.
Expenses: 2213 B - food, entrance fees and chartered boat
Accommodations: Slept at Chinatown Hotel in Bangkok

Day 4, Tuesday, November 13, 2012
Daily Bike Miles: 21.2 miles
Location: Train from Bangkok to Hua Hin; Biked to beach town 21 miles south of Hua Hin
Points of interest:
1. Computers were down at train station, barely made train and got on wrong seat.
2. Nice train ride with meals, only 2 cars no room to walk around.
3. Nice hotel with swimming pool.
4. Beaches near Hua Hin where I found neat sea shells. Big natural arch and nature trail near beach.
5. Small sand crabs on beach.
6. Outdoor massage parlors.
7. Ferraris at nearby waterfront motel
Expenses: 1743 B – Motel, train and food
Accommodations: Slept at motel 20 miles south of Hua Hin – Sanghirun Resort

Day 5, Wednesday, November 14, 2012
Daily Bike Miles: 68.2 miles
Location: 21 miles south of Hua Hin to Hat Wanakon National Park
Points of interest:
1. Hike over Hill to beach – since the tide was high the trail ended in the ocean. (at low tide trail would end of beach)
2. There are loose dogs everywhere, most of them do not bark at me or chase me.
3. Shrimp farms, one guy followed me trying to open my trailer.
4. Temple with giant status of wise men sitting with their feet crossed.
5. Monkeys near road, I missed Khoa Sam Roi Yot national park after paying entrance fee.
6. Had a flat tire on my trailer due to a torn on the side of the road.
7. It was very hot and humid after 11:00 AM, needed to stop for 30 minutes every hour.
8. Nice beach where I camped at the Hat Wanakon National Park campground.
Expenses: 479 B – food, entrance fees and camping
Accommodations: Slept at campground at Hat Wanakon National Park

Day 6, Thursday, November 15, 2012
Daily Bike Miles: 88.1 miles
Location: Hat Wanakon National Park to near Chumphon
Points of interest:
1. Peter – biker from Belgium
2. Big rest stop with restaurants and stores in the middle of highway.
3. Ordering food at restaurant where no one spoke English
Expenses: 651 B – food and motel
Accommodations: Slept at motel near Chumphon

Day 7, Friday, November 16, 2012
Daily Bike Miles: 87.2 miles
Location: Near Chumphon to Ranong
Points of interest:
1. Local man that invited me over for fruit
2. Waterfall near Ranong
Expenses: 770 B – food and motel
Accommodations: Slept at motel in Ranong

Day 8, Saturday, November 17, 2012
Daily Bike Miles: 58 miles
Location: Ranong to near Kamphuan
Points of interest:
1. Monks walking the street, people pray to them. Some of the monks are children
2. Getting locked out of motel room in my underwear
3. Lizard in bathroom of motel.
Expenses: 811 B – food and motel
Accommodations: Slept at motel near Kamphuan

Day 9, Sunday, November 18, 2012
Daily Bike Miles: 72.6 miles
Location: Kamphuan to Sea Fan
Points of interest:
1. Often meet people at the bus shelters while resting from the heat.
2. Two German cyclist on their way to Bangkok.
3. Stopped at a beach and a kid wanted to ride my bike. I said no this time, should have let him ride it.
4. Stopped to check out Elephants, wanted to ride one, but no one seemed interested in asking me if I wanted to pay for a ride.
5. Touristy town of Sea Fan
6. Could not use Internet or ATM
Expenses: 1191 B – food and motel
Accommodations: Slept at motel in Sea Fan Bed and Breakfast (Tel 076 485762)

Day 10, Monday, November 19, 2012
Daily Bike Miles: 85.9 miles
Location: Sea Fan to Krabi
Points of interest:
1. Morning Monsoon rain – just before leaving motel – stayed for breakfast.
2. Elephants – with local people riding them.
3. Rubber tree farm.
4. Scooter towed me to the top of a hill
5. Lots of neat towering cliffs near the road and in the horizon.
6. Afternoon Monsoon rain, made it to shelter a little late (got wet), but before the major downpour.
7. Truck load of kids dressed in carnal cloths stopped at gas station. I let one of the kids ride my bike, very nice people. Just could not understand their language.
4. Scorpion that was about 10 inches long
Expenses: 828 B – food and motel
Accommodations: Slept at motel in Krabi – N 8 03.895 /E 98 54.461

Day11, Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Daily Bike Miles: 36.9 miles
Location: Krabi to Hat Yai
Points of interest:
1. Small town on island near Krabi. They put motor scooters on very small boats to get to the island. I put my bike on the seat of a very small boat to get to the island.
2. Long (about 20 feet long) props on outboard motor boats, not sure why.
3. Bus broke down and they fixed it with a soldering iron
4. Monsoon rain when I got off bus in Hat Yai
Expenses: 1301 B – food, bus and motel
Accommodations: Slept at motel in Hat Yai – Crystal Hotel

Day 12, Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Daily Bike Miles: 70.2 miles
Location: Hat Yai to Alor Setar
Points of interest:
1. Reclining Buddha – no tourist at this one.
2. Lots of industry, not in big cities.
3. Boarder of Malaysia with friendly people.
4. Lot of fruit stands – Limau Bali Manis (Type of fruit)
5. Police pulled me over in Malaysia
6. Town of Alor Setar – Prison, Tower (like Space needle) and neat mosque.
Expenses: 166 B and 62.9 R – food and motel
Accommodations: Slept at motel in Alor Setar - Grand Jubilee Hotel

Day 13, Thursday, November 22, 2012
Daily Bike Miles: 66.8 miles
Location: Alor Setar to George Town, Penang
Points of interest:
1. Noticed people on motor scooters often were their jackets on backwards. Not sure why they have jackets, it’s very warm.
2. Butterworth – withdrew 1000 R from ATM.
3. Ferry to George Town
4. Thanksgiving dinner in George Town
Expenses: 204.9 R – food, ferry and motel
Accommodations: Slept at motel in George Town, Penang – Victoria Inn (278 Lebuh Victoria)

Day 14, Friday, November 23, 2012
Daily Bike Miles: 66.4 miles
Location: island of Penang
Points of interest:
1. No Malaysia maps anywhere, not even the airport. I was only able to get free tourist maps.
2. Lots of construction on the island of Penang, they are even building a second very long bridge going back to the main land.
3. Lots of manufacturing building on southeast corner of island, near airport.
4. A heavy rains near airport, I was able to make shelter before getting very wet. I started cycling again while it was still drizzling. I was very wet all morning, dried off in the afternoon.
5. The west side of the island on Penang has a very big hill climb through dense jungles.
6. Lot of interesting fruit and flowers growing on the island of Penang.
7. Nice free park on northwest part of the island with swimming and gardens – I think it was called “Forest Recreation Park and Museum”
8. I saw a couple of very big lizards (each over 2 feet long)
9. Lots of monkeys, trails and one of the big lizards at the Botanic garden in George Town.
10. Neat fort ( it was already closed when I arrived) and mosque (worship hour, I could only look in doors)
Expenses: 161.6 R – food and motel
Accommodations: Slept at motel in George Town, Penang – Victoria Inn (278 Lebuh Victoria)

Day 15, Saturday, November 24, 2012
Daily Bike Miles: 64.4 miles
Location: George Town, Penang to Taiping
Points of interest:
1. Took a lot of photos of trucks, several old Mercedes diesel trucks are still on the road.
2. Lots of rain on this day, multiple downpours.
3. Saw very long animal, probably a snake in a roadside ditch. I would guess it was 6 feet long, I did not get a good look before it went under the water.
4. Fireworks at the nearby night club
5. Nice park in Taiping near zoo.
6. It rained very hard when I arrived at the zoo in Taiping. Probably the heaviest rain on this trip.
Expenses: 138.5 R – food and motel
Accommodations: Slept at motel in Taiping - Casavilla Hotel Simpang (41 Susur Simpang)

Day 16, Sunday, November 25, 2012
Daily Bike Miles: 63.9 miles
Location: Taiping to Gopeng
Points of interest:
1. School teacher on winter break that cycled with me.
2. In the morning lots of low clouds with rock cliffs protruding. Would have been very different and nice on a clear day.
3. Afternoons mostly clear and lots of neat hills and cliffs.
4. Looked like 4 young Asian men touring on bikes.
5. Chinese grave yard. Very nice and unique gravestones.
6. A nice looking young lady on a motor scooter gave me some fruit for free
7. Perak Cave temple, free (by optional donation, nobody collecting). Nice cave trail to top of cliff with temple.
8. Small town with one hotel, several rain forest resorts not far from town.
Expenses: 126.7 R – food and motel
Accommodations: Slept at motel in Gopeng – Gopeng Inn (72-76 Tingkat Atas)

Day 17, Monday, November 26, 2012
Daily Bike Miles: 78.7 miles
Location: Gopeng to Kuala Lumpur
Points of interest:
1. Lots of rain
2. Loud bang at second wrong turn while biking
3. Stopped to take off rain gears and kids were waving and smiling at me. They wanted their photos taken.
4. Kid stopped me on a motor scooter to bum money (I think that was what he wanted).
5. Small bus stop for bus to Kuala Lumpur. Wanted to go directly to Malacca, but not possible from that small bus stop.
6. I loaded bike on bus, seemed bumpy and I was worried about how well I loaded the bike.
7. Buildings of Kuala Lumpur – including tallest building in the world from 1998 to 2004.
8. Throughout Malaysia some cars had either McDonalds or KFC VIP drive thru stickers
Expenses: 176.7 R – Bus, food and motel
Accommodations: Slept at motel in Kuala Lumpur - Citin Hotel (38 Jalan Pudu)

Day 18, Tuesday, November 27, 2012
Daily Bike Miles: 64.5 miles
Location: Kuala Lumpur to Batu Pahat
Points of interest:
1. My Taxi driver in Kuala Lumpur bumped into the car in front of us.
2. Motorcycle police officer asked me about my bike adventure
3. Met a man that has a brother that owns a Bike Friday (The kind of bike I have, made in USA – Eugene, OR)
4. Flooded land, one house had a submerged driveway/ yard.
5. Big mall without anything interesting to buy
6. Great price on used jeans and shirt.
Expenses: 198.45 R – Transportation, food, clothes and motel
Accommodations: Slept at motel in Batu Pahat - Novo Park Hotel (7 Jalan Zabedah)

Day 19, Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Daily Bike Miles: 86.9 miles
Location: Batu Pahat to Johor Bahru
Points of interest:
1. Need Mosque near Batu Pahat
3. Interesting fruit - Papaya, Durian, Rambutan, Pineapple, Duka, etc.
4. Monkey in tree near river.
5. Cool fishing village on river before heading inland towards Johor Bahru.
6. Piled up boats on shores, probably left from tsunami.
7. Did not make cover and got caught in Monsoon, got very wet. Found a bridge to wait out second half of the downpour. Under the bridge I met a group of people on scooters that gave me fruit while we waited out the storm.
8. Later felt more rain and made shelter at a gas station. I let man at gas station ride my bike.
9. Market style souvenir shopping in the Johor Bahru
Expenses: 208.8 R – Souvenirs, food and motel
Accommodations: Slept at motel in Johor Bahru - J.A residence Hotel (18 Jalan Wong Ah Fook)

Day 20, Thursday, November 29, 2012
Daily Bike Miles: 20.2 miles
Location: Johor Bahru to Singapore, SG
Points of interest:
1. Military marching men in Johor Bahru
2. Lots of traffic on road to Singapore, thought bikes might not be allowed so I took the train. What a waist it took 2 hours to go 3 miles on train. Still had to bike to city of Singapore.
3. Found major attractions in Singapore – Mosque, Singapore Flyer, Helix, etc.
4. Favorite store Mustafa Center – They have everything from Gold to groceries, to souvenirs to cloths, etc.
Expenses: 3 R + US$ 82.68 + S$ 34.15 – Souvenirs, food, train and motel
Accommodations: Slept at motel in Singapore, SG - Penta Hotel Pl Singapore

Day 21, Friday, November 30, 2012
Daily Bike Miles: 25.5 miles
Location: Singapore, SG
Points of interest:
1. Friendly Muslim man at Sultan Mosque. His son had a Hummer bike. They liked my bike Friday.
2. Mall with Ferrari and Harley Davis stores.
3. Merlion park
4. Live lobster and crab at seafood restaurant
5. Temple with hundreds of Buddha
6. Singapore Duck Tour – Amphibious WW II vehicle in Singapore Marine harbor
Expenses: S$ 74.8 + US$ 82.68 – Souvenirs, duct tour, food and motel
Accommodations: Slept at motel in Singapore, SG - Penta Hotel Pl Singapore

Day 22, Saturday, December 1, 2012
Daily Bike Miles: 0 miles
Location: Singapore, SG to Hong Hong (seat 32A)/ To Vancouver BC (Seat 55A)/ to Portland Oregon (seat 10A)
Points of interest:
1. Singapore Airport to Portland Airport 21 hours. I did a lot of walking in the airports.
Expenses: 92.40 S$ – Souvenirs and transportation
Accommodations: Slept at home in Portland

Day 23, Sunday, December 2, 2012
Did a little biking and slept. Went to work the next morning.