This is a brief chronological summary of all the very long-distance bike rides Ted has taken in his life.

July 4, 1987, I completed my first multiple day bike ride, riding 220 miles from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Durango, Colorado in two days. I also biked about 50 miles while in Durango, Colorado. The high point of the trip was getting to the Colorado boarder.

August 8, 1987, I left Albuquerque, New Mexico for San Diego, California, riding 903 miles in eight days. I would not recommend that anyone make this ride through the desert during the month of August. I encountered temperatures over 115 degrees Fahrenheit. I also crossed paths with a rattlesnake, coiled and ready to strike, when I took a short cut through a field. The high point of this trip was making it to the Pacific Ocean.

May 28, 1988, marked the most spectacular ride of my life! Starting in Durango, Colorado, I cycled through the Rocky Mountains, I went through Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, Banff Alberta and Jasper Alberta. From there I rode to Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada, where I took the ferry to Juneau, Alaska. After working at Douglas Cold storage near Juneau for ten days, I went ferry hopping until I arrived in Washington State. I cycled all the paved roads in Southeast Alaska and parts of Vancouver Island. In Washington State, I cycled to the top of Hurricane Ridge (a 5,000-foot climb from sea level) and around the Olympic National Park before taking the ferry to Seattle. That summer marked a 4,153.9-mile journey for me.

May 15, 1989, I flew to Europe and cycled through the Alps. Starting at a small town near Munchen, Germany, I cycled to the Mediterranean Sea in Italy, and through parts of Austria and Switzerland. From there I flew to London, England and rode to Fishguard, England where I ferried to Ireland. I cycled all the way to Northern Ireland before taking a ferry to Scotland. I rode through parts of Scotland and then took the train to London. I cycled 1,932.5 miles in twenty-four days.

August 10, 1990, I took a bus to Denver, Colorado and went on what I call the short one. I biked from Estes Park, Colorado over Trail Ridge Road and back to Albuquerque, New Mexico, I covered 548 miles in six days.

May 5, 1991, I left my home in Albuquerque, New Mexico for St. Augustine, Florida. On my longest day I rode 160.9 miles in the flatlands of Texas. I traveled the scenic route from Oklahoma to Mena, Arkansas. Along the way I encountered 13% grades on the road. I cycled through parts of Mississippi and Alabama. I then traveled along the Gulf of Mexico from Panama City, Florida to Perry, Florida. From there I cycled to St. Augustine where I ended my trip, cycling a total of 2,036.7 miles in twenty days.

December 20, 1991, I boarded a plane for New Zealand an hour and a half after finishing my finals. I biked from Auckland, New Zealand to Napier, New Zealand. This part of the trip I crossed the Northern Island of New Zealand in 4 days. (351.9 miles) After that I went to the South Island and biked across it. I meet my dad in Qeenstown, New Zealand for New Years Eve and we went Bungee jumping the following day. After that we flew to Australia and went scuba diving. I did not ride my bike very much in Australia. That trip I only cycled 706.8 miles, in which 670.5 miles where in New Zealand.

June 28, 1996, I flew to Anchorage, Alaska to take a ride from Deadhorse, Alaska to Valdez, Alaska. I had a one way ticket to Deadhorse, Alaska and was not sure if biking was even permitted on the Dalton Highway. I figured it was OK, because I read about people doing the ride. I wanted to start at the Arctic Ocean, but was not permitted that far north on my bike (another 20 miles north of Deadhorse). I ended up visiting the Arctic Ocean on a van tour. On this ride I left Deadhorse with 25 Power Bars, a few Bananas and some Bagels. This was not enough food to bike 250 miles on a dirt road (The first stop South of Deadhorse is ColdFoot, Alaska and is about 250 miles south of Deadhorse). I made it to Coldfoot and ate a lot of food. Then I continued south to Valdez, Alaska. The first 463.4 miles of this ride was on a dirt road with truck traffic and misquotes. After leaving Valdez, Alaska I went to Denali National Park and went for a 67.2 mile ride on a dirt road. This trip I biked 1020.5 miles in 17 days.

December 6, 1997, I flew to Buenos Aries, Argentina and had a one way ticket to Ushuaia, Argentina. I was planning on biking from Ushuaia back to Buenos Aries, but did not know how far it was or what type of terrain to expect. Well it was too far and a lot of desert land. I ended up taking a couple of rides and buses in order to complete the trip. I ended up seeing the Beagle Channel, Straights of Magallenes and Mt Aconcagua (the tallest mountain in the western hemisphere/ 22,620 feet) on this trip. I also spent Christmas Eve with a family from Argentina that I meet on a bus ride. Meeting and staying with this family was the highlight of this trip (it was an excellent cultural experience). This trip I biked 2006.4 miles in 30 days.

July 23, 1999, I flew to Zimbabwe, Africa. This was my first long distance group bike ride. I found out about the ride in the Internet. I biked with 7 other people. Most of the people were from different part of the US. One guy was living in Saudi Arabia and the 7th person was our tour guide from Harare, Zimbabwe. We cycled a 120-mile loop south of Bulawayo, took a train to Victoria Falls, biked 315 miles to Binga and then took a bus back to Harare. I ended the trip by cycling 361.61 miles in 16 days.

December 22, 1999, I flew to Bangkok, Thailand and had a one-way ticket to Chiang Rai, Thailand. This trip was my 6th continent to biked ride. I was planning on cycling from Chiang Rai to Bangkok and then head to the coast if I had enough time. I ended up biking to the northern tip of Thailand and then into Thakhilek, Myanmar (Burma) for about 3 hours. After that I biked along the boarder of Laos to the Golden Triangle. I never actually went into Laos. About half way to Bangkok, I decided to speed things up and took a bus to Ayuthaya. I spent a day looking at the historic ruins in Ayuthaya and then took a train to Pak Chong. From there I biked to the Khoa Yai National park, where I saw wild monkeys, elephants, a porcupine, deer and several birds. Next I biked back to Bangkok and helped celebrate the kings 72nd birthday. I did not have enough time to go to the coast. On the flight home I had a 7-hour lay over in Seoul, Korea and decided to take the subway into town. This trip I cycled 768.03 miles in 2 weeks.

April 28, 2001, I flew to Beijing, China to bike part of Eastern China. I started the ride by biking to the Great Wall and then back to Beijing. I did some site seeing and biking in Beijing. Then I flew to Shanghai. I had trouble getting out of Shanghai; I could not find maps at the airport and ended up taking a taxi into town. I tried biking out of Shanghai and ended up back at the hotel where I stayed the previous night. I had to use a compass to navigating through China (I could not find good maps) and that made it difficult to travel. China was very crowded and it was not easy finding a place to stay. Camping was very limited. This trip I biked 400.25 miles in 15 days.

December 29, 2002, I finished biking the continental United States Pacific coast by biking into Tijuana, Mexico. I biked the first portion of the Pacific Coast in 1988 on my way back from Alaska (see Southeast Alaska). On that trip, I biked from Port Angeles, Washington to Aberdeen, Washington. Between 1999 and 2000 I biked from Aberdeen, Washington to Crescent City, California. I lost my job at Credence in August of 2002 and biked the California coast to Mexico. I biked 1921.02 miles my coastal trips between 1999 and arriving in Mexico in 2002.

December 24, 2003, I flew from Portland, Oregon to Mazatlan, Mexico. I arrived at the Mazatlan airport around 1:00 PM, loaded my bike and started biking north. I never even went to the beach resort area in Mazatlan. I followed the main highway for most of the ride and ended up having to take a couple of buses in order to make it to Tucson in time to meet Andrea for New Years. On this bike ride I covered 621.85 miles.

July 21, 2004, I flew to Fairbanks, Alaska and biked to Skagway, Alaska. Then I took the Alaska Ferry to Wrangell and Ketchikan, Alaska for more biking. In Ketchikan, Alaska I went to an area where I watched bears scoping salmon out of a river. I then ferried to Bellingham, Washington and biked around town. Next I took a train to Portland, Oregon to complete my 2 week vacation by making my way home from Alaska while biking 801.78 miles.

December 24, 2004, I flew from Portland, Oregon to Cape Town, South Africa. I had an 8 hour layover in London and took the bus to town. I was able to spend 4 hours walking around downtown London before returning to the airport for my flight to South Africa. I arrived at the Cape Town, South Africa airport around 7:00 AM. Between the flight time and layovers it took 37 hours to travel from Oregon to South Africa. Once in Cape Town I started biking east towards Durban, South Africa. My ride to Durban included 2 bus rides and a couple of rides with local people. I ended up cycling 707.79 miles on my way to Durban. Once in Durban I rented a car and visited Kruger National Park for 4 days.

December 16, 2005, I flew from Portland , Oregon to San Diego , California . I cycled from the San Diego airport to Buena Vista , Mexico with a fully loaded bike. On the way I stopped to see whales in Guerrero Negro. I met up with Andrea in Buena Vista and stayed at her cousin’s place. We had a great time seeing the sights. I cycled the rest of the way to Cabo San Lucas and Andrea met me there. We spent a night in Cabo San Luca and then went to Todos Santos. On this trip I ended up cycling 1124.92 miles going from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas.

December 15, 2006, I flew from Portland, Oregon to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I took a bus to Tweed Head, New South Wales (NSW) and cycled to Newcastle, NSW. I then took a train to Sydney, stopped in Sydney for a couple hours and took a train to Wollongong, NSW. From there I cycled to Traralgon, Victoria. I also cycled from Geelong, Victoria to Philips Island, Victoria to see the penguins. Then I drove the Great Ocean Road with Andrea. On this trip I ended up cycling 1140.3 miles going from Brisbane, NSW to Phillips Island, Victoria.

December 14, 2007, I flew from Portland, Oregon to Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. Then I cycled to Las Varas, Nayarit, Mexico. About 30 miles before arriving in Las Varas my rear derailleur broke and I resized my chain so my bike would work as a one speed bike. I ended up taking a bus for the last 40 miles from Las Varas to Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. I had my bike fixed and took a whale tour boat in Puerto Vallarta. The following day I started my bike ride to Juichitan, Guerrero, Mexico. I cycled all except for 40 miles between Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico. I then spent a day in Acapulco getting my bike fixed (2 broken spokes) before cycling to Juichitan. I took a bus back to Acapulco to meet up with Andrea. We spent New Year in Acapulco and then drove a rental car round trip to Bahias De Hautulco, Oaxaca, Mexico. We spent time in a luxury resort in Hautulco and I took one 70 mile bike ride to and from Port Angel. On this trip I ended up cycling 1038.85 miles.

December 18, 2008, I flew from Portland, Oregon to Genova, Italy. I cycled towards Cinque Terre and hiked the coastal trail to the 5 fishing villages of Cinque Terre. Then I cycled south and took a train into Rome. I spent a day in Rome and then took a train out of the city limits and continued biking south. I cycled through Napoli and the scenic Sorrento Peninsula to Salerno. I took a train from Salerno to Paola and cycled to Vita S. Giovanni where I took a ferry to the island of Sicilia. Then I cycled around the southern park of Sicilia and up the west coast to Palermo. I finished my trip by taking a ferry and train to Rome. On this trip I cycled 1208.4 miles throughout Italy in 21 days. From Rome I flew back to Portland, Oregon.

December 18, 2010, I flew from Portland, Oregon to Panama City, Panama. My bike was damaged on the plane and I only had one gear for the entire trip. I spent 2 days in Panama City looking for the Panama Canal. Then I took a bus to David and taxied to the town of Boquete. I climbed to the top of the highest point in Panama, the peak of Volcano Buro. I also tried zip lining and went on a coffee tour before leaving Boquete. At that point I started cycling with my damages bike. Most of the journey was flat and I followed the Pacific cost of Costa Rica. I pushed my bike up all the hills and when I arrived near Liberia I rented a car. The rest of the trip was spent driving place to place, hiking and biking from the car. On this trip I ended up cycling 575.11 miles through Panama and Costa Rica in 15 days.

December 24, 2011, I flew from Portland, Oregon to Albuquerque, New Mexico. I visited old friends and on December 27, 2011 I flew to Fort Lauderdale Florida with my mom . We spent a week in Key West and went to my cousin Daniel’s wedding. He married Page, it was a very nice wedding. On January 3rd my mom and brother flew home. I then started biking north. I visited my Uncle Joe and Aunt Maggie in Plantation Florida. I continued to Kennedy Space center and Saint Augustine, Florida. I then decided to continue to Georgia for a night. I flew back to Portland from Jacksonville, Florida on January 17, 2012 to complete a 863.33 mile bike ride.

November 10, 2012, I flew from Portland, Oregon to Bangkok, Thailand. I spent 2 nights in Bangkok and checked out the tourist attractions. Then I took a train to Hua Hin and cycled to Krabi. I then took a bus to Hat Yia. From Hat Yai I cycled into Malaysia and continued to south of Ipoh. Then I took a bus into Kuala Lumpur and spent the night and checked out the sites. The next morning, I took a bus to Meleka to continue my bike ride. I ended my cycling in Singapore. I spent 2 nights in Singapore and checked out the sites. I cycled 1125.4 miles while on this trip to Southeast Asia. I flew back to Portland on December 1st and went back to work on December 3rd.

November 22, 2013, I flew from Portland, Oregon to Guatemala City, Guatemala. I cycled to Antigua, Guatemala and climbed most of the way up Volcano Pacaya . Then I cycled through El Salvador and Honduras to get to Nicaragua . In the town of Leon I was hit by a Taxi and had to fix my trailer in the hotel that night. I continued as far south as San Jorge, Nicaragua and took a ferry to Ometepe Island in Lake Nicaragua. The island has 2 volcanoes and I climbed the higher one, Volcano Conception. I ended my cycling trip at Managua international airport. On this trip I cycled 710.07 miles in Central America in 14 days. I flew back to Portland, Oregon on December 8, 2013.

November 15, 2014, I flew from Portland, Oregon to Quito, Ecuador . I cycled the Andes in Ecuador reaching an elevation of 12,678 feet above sea level before returning to sea level. Then I spent 3 days on the Galapagos Islands. Then I took a bus to Piura, Peru and cycled through the Sechura desert to Trujillo, Peru . I then took a bus to Lima, Peru. On this trip I ended up cycling 827.72 miles through Ecuador and Peru in 20 days. I flew back to Portland, Oregon on December 5, 2014.

November 14, 2015, I flew from Portland, Oregon to Asuncion, Paraguay. I cycled from Asuncion, Paraguay to Caaguazu, Paraguay. From Caaguazu I took a bus to Ciudad Del Este, Paraguay. Then I cycled to where I could take a ferry to Puerto Iguazu, Argentina. I hiked all the trails at Iguazu Falls National Park in Argentina. Then I cycled to Gobernador Ingeniero, Argentina. From there I took a bus to Concordia, Argentina. Then I cycled to Salto Grande Dam. I was not allowed to bicycle over the dam, so I hitched a ride to Salto, Uruguay. I then cycled to Colonia, Uruguay. From Colonia, Uruguay I rented a car and drove to Punta Del Este and then Montevideo, Uruguay. On this trip I cycled 860.77 miles through Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay in 19 days. I flew back to Portland, Oregon on December 5, 2015.

May 07, 2016, I flew from Portland, Oregon to Reykjavík, Iceland. While in Iceland I visited some of the local tourist attractions and cycled 22.32 miles in the Reykjavík area. On May 10, 2016 I flew from Reykjavík, Iceland to Amsterdam, Netherlands. I met up with Nancy and we cycled and checked out the tourist attractions in Amsterdam for 4 days. Then we boarded the Holland bike and barge tour boat. We spent 14 nights on the bike and barge trip traveling from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Bruges, Belgium. Then we drove to Lillie, France where I cycled for about 10 miles. The next day we went to Brussels and walked around to check out the tourist attractions. On May 29, 2016 I flew back to Portland, Oregon from Brussels, Belgium. In total I cycled 500.4 miles through Iceland, Netherlands, Belgium and France in 21 days.

November 12, 2016, I flew from Portland, Oregon to Salt Lake City, Utah. The next day I flew to Quito, Ecuador. I then cycled to a little north of Pasto, Colombia. From there I took a bus to Popayan, Colombia. The following day I took a bus to San Agustin, Colombia and visit the Archeological sites for a couple of day. Then I cycled and took buses to Santa Fe, Colombia. Then I took a bus to Turbo, Columbia. Turbo is where the Pan American highway picks up at the southern end of the Darien Gap. From there I took buses to Santa Marta, Colombia and visited the mountain town of Minca, Colombia. Then I took a bus to Cartagena, Colombia. On December 03, 2016 I flew back to Portland, Oregon from Cartagena, Colombia. In total I cycled 527.6 miles and covered a little over 1300 miles in buses through Ecuador and Colombia in 20 days.

June 2, 2017, I flew from Portland, Oregon to Panama City, Panama. This was not a bike trip, just a fill in the Gap trip, the Darian Gap! The trip started by taking a 4 wheel drive to Carti, Panama. Then I went with the San Blas Adventure group on an outboard motor boat for three days through the San Blas islands. We stayed in Hammocks in Kuna Indian villages. The tour officially ended in Sapzurro, Colombia and we took another outboard motor boat to Capurgana, Colombia. From there I hiked to La Miel, Panama and then back to Capurgana, Colombia. I completed this trip by taking a boat to Necocli, Colombia and then a bus from there to Medellin, Colombia. On June 13, 2017 I flew back to Portland, Oregon from Medellin, Colombia.

November 11, 2017, I flew from Portland, Oregon to Acapulco, Mexico. I spent my first night in a beach resort. The next morning I started cycling east. I stayed in hotel and cycled for 9 days by the time I reached Salina Cruz, Mexico. Then I took ground transportation until I arrived at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. I spent a couple of days cycling near Panajachel and then took a bus to Antigua. I cycled around Antigua for a couple of days and then took a bus to Tikal National Park. I spent 2 days hiking and biking in Tikal. Then I took a bus and boat to Livingston, Guatemala and spent the night. Then I went to Rio Dulce for two days and cycled around there. From Rio Dulce I took a 180 mile, 8 hour bus ride to Guatemala City. On December 03, 2017 I flew back to Portland, Oregon from Guatemala City, Guatemala. In total I cycled about 726 miles and covered a little over 1300 miles in buses and boats through Mexico and Guatemala in 20 days.

June 23, 2018, Marty and I flew from Portland, Oregon to La Paz, Mexico. We arrive in La Paz on the morning of June 24 and I cycled to the Baja Ferry terminal. Then I cycled back to where I had cycled in 2003 on Highway 1. We travelled by bus to Cabo San Lucas, Todos Santos and then back to La Paz. Than we took the ferry from La Paz to Topolobampo. The next day I cycled to Guamúchil and then took the bus to Mazatlán. Marty took the bus from Topolobampo to Mazatlán. I cycled 202.62 miles during this trip where 95.61 of the miles were used to complete a section of my American Journey (Arctic Ocean to Antarctic Ocean). I also covered about 600 miles in buses during this short trip. On July 2, 2018 I flew back to Portland, Oregon from Mazatlán, Mexico.

November 10, 2018, I flew from Portland, Oregon to Cusco, Peru. When I arrived in Cusco, I took a bus to Puno. While in Puno, I cycled some and toured floating island on Lake Titicaca. Next, I took a Bolivia hop bus to La Paz, which included a trip to Isle Del Sol. While in La Paz, I took a tour to Tiwanaku ruins and a tour that included cycling the world’s most dangerous road. Then I took a bus to Uyuni, Bolivia and toured the world’s largest salt flats. Then I made my way through a portion of Argentina to get to Asuncion, Paraguay. From there I took a flight to Montevideo, Uruguay and then a bus to Colonia, Uruguay. I then took a ferry to Buenos Aries and cycled to Moron, Argentina. On December 02, 2018, I started my flight back to Portland, Oregon from Buenos Aries, Argentina. I arrive in Portland at about 11:00 AM on December 3rd, took the max home, took a shower and cycled to work. I was at work by about 1:00 PM. On this trip I cycled about 631.63 miles and covered over 2,500 miles using ground transportation and about 33 miles on boats traveling through Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay in 24 days.

April 19, 2019, Marty gave me a ride to the airport and at a little after 11:00 PM, my flight from Portland, Oregon departed towards Managua, Nicaragua. I arrive in Managua the next day around 1:00 PM and took ground transportation to Rivas, Nicaragua. The following day I started cycling to Liberia, Costa Rica. Once in Liberia I rented a car and visited Manual Antonio National Park and Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Then I drove back to Liberia and the following day I hiked at Rincón de la Vieja National Park. I cycled 154.11 miles during this trip where 87.7 of the miles are part of my American Journey (Arctic Ocean to Southern tip of South America). I also covered 434.34 miles in a rental car during this trip. On April 27, 2019, I flew back to Portland, Oregon from Liberia, Costa Rica.

August 23, 2019, Marty and I flew from Portland, Oregon to the Galapagos Island in Ecuador. We spent 5 days on a tour boat checking out the birds and reptiles on the Galapagos Island. We flew to Quito to visit the Equator and the historic district in Quito. Next, we flew to Cusco, Peru to visit the Sacred Valley and archeological sites. Then we went on a three night, four day Inca trail hike to Macho Picchu. On September 7, 2019, I started my bike and bus portion of this trip. I took a bus from Cusco, Peru to Nazca, Peru. I then cycled to Paracas, Peru and met up with Marty (she was on a bus trip from Cusco to Lima). We visited Islas Ballestas where we saw penguins, sea lions and hundreds of sea birds. Then we traveled by bus to Lima Peru which is the last link in my American Journey (At that point I had traveled from the Arctic Ocean to the Southern tip of South America). We flew back towards Portland on September 14, arriving in Portland the following day and taking the max back to my place. On this trip, I cycled about 260.83 miles, covered 246 miles on boats and 1,360.88 miles using ground transportation traveling through Ecuador and Peru in 24 days.

August 8, 2022, I flew from Portland, Oregon to Honningsvag, Norway. I visited the northern most point in Europe at Nordkapp, Norway. Then I took a bus to Skaidi, Norway and cycled to Umeå, Sweden. Next, I took a train to Kramfors, cycled to Norrfällsviken and from there cycled to Gävle. Then I took a train to Stockholm, spent three days in Stockholm and then flew back to Portland, Oregon. On this trip, I cycled about 1081.55 miles and traveled about 384 miles using ground transportation. I traveled through Norway, Finland and Sweden for 23 days.

September 1, 2023, I flew from Portland, Oregon to Stockholm, Sweden.  I took a train to Norrköping, Sweden.  Then I cycled to Helsingborg, Sweden and took a ferry to Denmark.  I spent a day cycling in Copenhagen.  Next, I cycled to Gedser, Denmark and took a ferry to Germany.  I completed my European journey by cycling to Parsberg, Germany.  My European Journey was to travel from Nordkapp, Norway (Northern most point in Europe) to Ispica, Sicily, Italy.  It took 4 trips to Europe, the first was done in 1989.  After Parsberg I cycled to Regensburg, Germany.  Then I took trains to visit Füssen, Nuremberg, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Octoberfest, Bamberg and Amberg.  On this trip, I cycled about 1183.94 miles, traveled about 784 miles using ground transportation and 46 miles on Ferrys.  I traveled through Sweden, Denmark and Germany for 23 days.

Trip 44 is a combination of two short trips that included some cycling:
1) On March 10, 2024, I traveled to Spokane, where I cycled along sections of the Centennial Trail and part of the Coeur d’Alene bike trail in Idaho. I also did some skiing in Idaho.
2) On April 2, 2024, I flew to Huntsville, Alabama, and cycled on various bike trails. I explored rails-to-trails routes in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Arkansas. Additionally, I witnessed the total solar eclipse in Russellville, Arkansas.