Ted's free on-line books

Ted created what he calls on-line books for each of his trip.  The books contain things like his details journal, on overview of his trip, his favorite photos, interactive map of his trip, individual day map and videos.

NW and SE USA States

T44: April 2024 – NW and SE USA States, by Ted Stagnut

European journey – Honningsvåg, Norway to Ispica, Sicily, Italy, by Ted Stagnut

T043: September 2023 – Sweden, Denmark and Germany, By Ted Stagnut

T042: August 2022 -Norway, Finland and Sweden, By Ted Stagnut

T041: April 2022  – Washington and Idaho, By Ted Stagnut

T040: March 2022 – Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida and Alabama, by Ted Stagnut

T039: November 2021 – North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee, by Ted Stagnut

T038: October 2021 – 6 Midwest USA States, By Ted Stagnut

T037: June 2021 – 13 Northeast USA States, by Ted Stagnut

T036: September 2020 – Oregon, Nevada and California, by Ted Stagnut

T035: June 2020 – Northwest USA States, By Ted Stagnut

T034: August 2019 – Ecuador and Peru, By Ted Stagnut

T033: April 2019 – Nicaragua to Costa Rica, by Ted Stagnut

T032: November 2018 – Peru to Argentina, by Ted Stagnut

T031: June 2018 – Sea of Cortez, By Ted Stagnut

T030: November 2017 – Mexico to Guatemala, By Ted Stagnut

T029: June 2017 – Panama to Colombia, by Ted Stagnut

T028: November 2016 – Ecuador to Colombia, by Ted Stagnut

T027: May 2016 – Netherlands to Belgium, By Ted Stagnut

T026: November 2015 – Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay, By Ted Stagnut

T025: November 2014 – Ecuador to Peru, by Ted Stagnut

T024: November 2013 – Central America, by Ted Stagnut

T023: November 2012 – Thailand to Singapore, By Ted Stagnut

T022: December 2011 – Florida to Georgia, By Ted Stagnut

T021: December 2010 – Panama to Costa Rica, by Ted Stagnut

T020: December 2008 – Italy, by Ted Stagnut

T019: December 2007 – Mazatlán to Acapulco, By Ted Stagnut

T018: December 2006 – Australia, By Ted Stagnut

T017: December 2005- Baja California, Mexico, by Ted Stagnut

T016: December 2004 – South Africa, by Ted Stagnut

T015: July 2004 – Delta Junction, Alaska to Skagway, Alaska, By Ted Stagnut

T014: December 2003 – Mazatlán, Mexico to Tucson, Arizona, By Ted Stagnut

T013: Several years – USA Pacific Coast, by Ted Stagnut

T012: April 2001 – China, by Ted Stagnut

T011: November 1999 – Thailand, By Ted Stagnut

T010: July 1999 – Zimbabwe, By Ted Stagnut

T009: December 1997 – Ushuaia, Argentina to Buenos Aires, Argentina, by Ted Stagnut

T008: June 1996 – Deadhorse, Alaska to Valdez, Alaska, by Ted Stagnut

T007: December 1991 – New Zealand and Australia, By Ted Stagnut

T006: May 1991 – Albuquerque to St. Augustin, By Ted Stagnut

T005: August 1990 – Estes Park, Colorado to Albuquerque, New Mexico, by Ted Stagnut

T004: May 1989 – Europe, by Ted Stagnut

American journey – Alaska to Argentina, by Ted Stagnut

T003: May 1988 – Durango, Colorado to Juneau, Alaska, By Ted Stagnut

T002: August 1987 – Albuquerque, New Mexico to San Diego, California, By Ted Stagnut

T001: July 1987 – Albuquerque, New Mexico to Durango, Colorado, by Ted Stagnut