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Bike Norway, Finland, Sweden
Bike Peru/ Boat Galapagos
Bike Nicaragua-Costa Rica
Bike Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay
Bike Mexico - La Paz
Bike Mexico-Guatemala
Boat Panama-Colombia
Bike Ecudor-Colombia
Bike Iceland-Netherlands- Belgium- France
Bike Paraguay-Argentina-Uruguay
Bike Ecudor-Peru
Bike Guatemala-El Salvador-Honduras-Nicaragua
Bike Thailand-Malaysia-Singapore
Bike Florida
Bike Panama-Costa Rica
Bike Italy
Bike Mexico - Acapulco
Bike Australia
Bike Baja California, Mex
Bike South Africa
Bike to Skagway, Alaska
Bike Mexico - Mazatlan
Bike Pacific Coast
Bike China
Bike Thailand
Bike Zimbabwe
Bike Argintina-Chile
Bike from Deadhorse, AK
Bike New Zealand
Bike NM to FL
Bike Estes, CO to NM
Bike Europe
Bike CO to AK
Bike NM to San Diego
Bike NM to Durango, CO






  • Miles from Nowhere, by Barbara Savage
  • Bicycling Mexico, By Ericka Weisbroth and Eric Ellman
  • Bicycle Touring International, by Kameel Nasr
  • China By Bike, by Roger Grisby
  • The Official Rails to Trails Conservancy Guidebook, Washington & Oregon, by Mia Barbera
  • Bicycling the backroads of Southwest Washington, By Erin & Bill Woods
  • The Pacific Crest Bicycle Trail, by Bil Paul
  • Northwest Oregon, by Philip N. Jones
  • Bicycling the Pacific Coast, by Tom Kirkendall & Vicky Spring
  • Bicycling in Africa, by David Mozer
  • Cycling USA West Coast, Lonely Planet
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