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08/31/2022: Norway/ Finland/ Sweden
Ted at Nordkapp, Norway.

09/14/2019: Ecuador/ Peru
Ted and Marty on the Galapagos Island in Ecuador.

04/27/2019: Nicaragua/ Costa Rica
Ted at Nicaragua/ Costa Rica border.

12/02/2018: Peru/ Bolivia/ Paraguay/ Uruguay/ Argentina
Ted on Death Road in Bolivia.

07/02/2018: La Paz, Mexico
Ted in Mexico

12/03/2017: Mexico/ Guatemala
Ted at Mexico/ Guatemala border.

06/14/2017: Panama/ Colombia
Ted on a San Blas Island in the Darian Ga p

12/03/2016: Ecuador/ Colombia
Ted in Colombia

05/29/2016: Iceland/ Netherlands/ Belgium/ France
Amsterdam, Netherland

12/06/2015: Paraguay/ Argentina/ Uruguay
Ted at Iguazu falls in Argentina.

12/06/2014: Ecuador/ Peru
Ted at the equator in Ecuador

12/07/2013: Guatemala/ El Salvador/ Honduras/ Nicaragua

12/01/2012: Thailand/ Malaysia/ Singapore

01/17/2012: Florida

01/09/2011: Costa Rica
Costa Rica

01/07/2009: Italy

01/07/2008: Mexico

01/08/2007: Australia
Sydney Opera House

01/11/2006: Baja California, Mexico

Baja California, Mexico

01/11/2005: South Africa bike ride

Ted with Elephant

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