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Ted at Imperial sand dunes near Glamis, California. Ted next to St. Mary’s lake in Montana Ted in front of Culzean castle, Scotland.
1987 - Albuquerque, NM to San Diego, CA 1988 - Durango, CO to Juneau, AK 1989 - Europe
Ted and Jay with their bikes loaded with gear near Lava Cliffs next to Trail Ridge road Rocky Mountain National Park. Ted at the Atlantic Ocean, Neptune Beach, Florida. Ted bungee jumping off Kawarau Suspension Bridge, New Zealand.
1990 - Estes Park, CO to Albuuerque, NM 1991 - Albuquerque, NM to St. Augustine, FL 1991 - New Zealand-Australia
Ted at the Arctic Circle, ready for truck dust. Ted drinking Sidra with farmers at Laguna Mar Chiquita. Ted with students at the primary school on Kumalo land, near Matopos National Park.
1996 - Deadhorse, AK to Valdez, AK 1997 - Argentina-Chile 1999 - Zimbabwe
Ted with an elephant between Pak Chong and the Khoa Yai National Park. Mongolian bikers that Ted met at the Great Wall of Badaling. Ted with his bike at Chandelier Drive through tree.
1999 - Thailand 2001 - China Parts over many years - US Pacific Coast
Highway, Mex 15 north of Los Mochis, Mexico. Ted leaving Yukon Terrory Giraffe at Kruger National Park.
2003 - Mazatlan,Mexico to Tuscon, AZ 2004 - Fairbanks, AK to Skagway, AK 2004 - South Africa
The campsite Ted had on December 28 th between Ciudad Constitucion and La Paz . Ted in front of the Sydney opera house Ted's bike next to turned over diesel truck near Mexico Interstate 15 D.
2005 - Baja California, Mexico 2006 - Australia 2007 - Mazalan, Mexico to Acapulco, Mexico
Ted at Lo Stagnone Ted at highest point in Panama - Top of Volcano Baru Ted in Keys, Florida
2008 - Italy 2010 - Panama-Costa Rica 2011 - Key West, FL to Kingsland, GA
Cyclist Ted meet south of Taiping, Malaysia, they are all believed to be teachers Ted at the border of El Salvador. Ted at the equator in Ecuador.
2012 - Thailand-Malaysia-Singapore 2013 - Guatemala-El salvador-Honduras-Nicaragua 2014 - Ecuador-Peru
Ted entering Mercedes, Uruguay. Looks there is an r in the middle of Ted Ted at the Archeologic Park that is closest to San Agustin, Colombia.
2015 - Paraguay-Argentina-Uruguay 2016 - Iceland-Netherlands-Belgium-France 2016 - Ecuador-Colombia
Ted with Kuna Indian on a San Blas Island. Ted bought a necklace with a Darien Gap jaguar claw from this man. Ted with his bike at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Ted with his bike in Guamúchil
2017 - Darien Gap - Panama-Colombia 2017 - Mexico-Guatemala 2018 - La Paz-Mazatlán, Mexico
Train graveyard near Uyuni, Bolivia Ted at suspension bridge in Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Ted at suspension bridge in Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.
2018 - Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay 2019 – Nicaragua-Costa Rica 2019 - Ecuador-Peru
Train graveyard near Uyuni, Bolivia    
2022 - Norway - Finland - Sweden    
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