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May 15, 1989, I flew to Europe and cycled through the Alps. Starting at a small town near Munchen, Germany, I cycled to the Mediterranean Sea in Italy, and through parts of Austria and Switzerland. From there I flew to London, England and rode to Fishguard, England where I ferried to Ireland. I cycled all the way to Northern Ireland before taking a ferry to Scotland. I rode through parts of Scotland and then took the train to London. I cycled 1,932.5 miles in twenty-four days.

August 10, 1990 I took a bus to Denver, Colorado and went on what I call the short one. I biked from Estes Park, Colorado over Trail Ridge Road and back to Albuquerque, New Mexico, I covered 548 miles in six days.

May 5, 1991, I left my home in Albuquerque, New Mexico for St. Augustine, Florida. On my longest day I rode 160.9 miles in the flatlands of Texas. I traveled the scenic route from Oklahoma to Mena, Arkansas. Along the way I encountered 13% grades on the road. I cycled through parts of Mississippi and Alabama. I then traveled along the Gulf of Mexico from Panama City, Florida to Perry, Florida. From there I cycled to St. Augustine where I ended my trip, cycling a total of 2,036.7 miles in twenty days.


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