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December 20, 1991, I boarded a plane for New Zealand an hour and a half after finishing my finals. I biked from Auckland, New Zealand to Napier, New Zealand. This part of the trip I crossed the Northern Island of New Zealand in 4 days. (351.9 miles) After that I went to the South Island and biked across it. I meet my dad in Qeenstown, New Zealand for New Years Eve and we went Bungee jumping the following day. After that we flew to Australia and went scuba diving. I did not ride my bike very much in Australia. That trip I only cycled 706.8 miles, in which 670.5 miles where in New Zealand.

June 28, 1996 I flew to Anchorage, Alaska to take a ride from Deadhorse, Alaska to Valdez, Alaska. I had a one way ticket to Deadhorse, Alaska and was not sure if biking was even permitted on the Dalton Highway. I figured it was OK, because I read about people doing the ride. I wanted to start at the Arctic Ocean, but was not permitted that far north on my bike (another 20 miles north of Deadhorse). I ended up visiting the Arctic Ocean on a van tour. On this ride I left Deadhorse with 25 Power Bars, a few Bananas and some Bagels. This was not enough food to bike 250 miles on a dirt road (The first stop South of Deadhorse is ColdFoot, Alaska and is about 250 miles south of Deadhorse). I made it to Coldfoot and ate a lot of food. Then I continued south to Valdez, Alaska. The first 463.4 miles of this ride was on a dirt road with truck traffic and misquotes. After leaving Valdez, Alaska I went to Denali National Park and went for a 67.2 mile ride on a dirt road. This trip I biked 1020.5 miles in 17 days.

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